Joe Ruiz, Jr.


about me

I am a Latinopreneur who has worked with various businesses and brands across the country, celebrities, and established film professionals on social media, video, and photo projects. 

I've been on stage, on camera and behind it, on-the-air, and involved in the online and entertainment worlds for over 20 years now. I ended up starting a social media marketing company, Social Eye Marketing, 7 years ago. Things came back full circle with that and the use of video for engagement. 

I also do some photography. It's more of a passion than an income stream, so if you have a cool project you're looking to have captured, please feel free to reach out and see if I'd be able to help! This year I am ONLY taking on projects I vibe with... 

This world needs to be a better place, and I intend on using my voice to amplify that. The ultimate goal is still yet to be determined, as I am still searching. However, the universe has a strange way of leading the way!